Has there been times when a SMILE can do wonders to you?  I have been really blessed with that.  Normally I do SMILE alot and it does bring  joy to some people.  I have been told that my SMILE is my greatest attribute.  However, there are times when I dont want to smile and when I feel that my smiling does nothing to me.  But what is life when even a smile does nothing but brighten someones life even for a minute or two?  So in my seemingly darkest moments, I try to SMILE  and think about those times when “my smile” brings joy to others.  As times goes on, I do realize that happiness is gained when happiness is felt by others.  So, my bit of wisdom to you is…happiness is brought on by happiness.  As, for myself, I need to smart smelling the roses and realize what I have to be Thankful for.

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