Social Media = House Hunting?

My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter...
Image by luc legay via Flickr

Wow. I just attended a seminar about the world of social media.  There’s the infamous Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, My space, Etc…  I left there feeling so hyped up and ready to get onto my computer to activate and start my road onto this endless journey.  Only I realized that as I sat here, in front of my beloved computer, that I was key frightened and numb again as to what the heck I just tried to learn.  Well that is the same feelings some of my clients get when they start their journey to house hunting.  The best thing I got out of this seminar was to take it one step at a time and not to rush into something beyond my comprehension.  Like house hunting, take it one step at a time.  Don’t try to do everything at one time.  Make a plan, set your time goals, ask all the questions needed to get you to do what you had set out for.

Always remember..persistance pays off.