Its a wonderful life!!!

Briggs' illustration of the snowman.

Yes it is.  No matter how bad life seems, our money matters, stressed out we feel, over indulged…there are always good things to ponder over and be thankful for. 

Sure, you may feel that your interet rates are too high,  your income is getting less, the bonus check is not coming in this year.  However, instead of dwelling on the negative, find the positive in this whole situation called “LIFE” and make the best of it.  Afterall, we are given an opportunity to live this life, so we might as well find and achieve the best of it.  Don’t give up. 

For you folks that are giving up on the hope of having your own piece of real estate someday, things may seem really grim right now for whatever reason you may have.  But 2010 is approaching and perhaps there is a silver lining there somewhere.  The interest rate may be lower then? The bonus checks may come again?  Your spouse may get a job or get that raise finally? 

Think positive and keep the faith.  The new leaf is about to turn and if you stay up on your game whatever it is, you will prevail. 

 I wish you a very wonderful and a very Merry Holiday season.

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