Deal or no deal?

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I am sure that some of you have experienced short sales, foreclosures and the like.  So when a “regular” sale is facing you, what do you do?  GO FOR IT!!  Nowadays a regular sale is rare and most often a blessing.  There’s no 3-6 months of waiting before getting an answer from the lender.  So if this house you are seeking is a regular sale, do what needs to be done to get yourselves in the game.  A regular sale is very sought after.  So if you think you can just take your time, 2-3 days to decide on making an offer, forget it. 

Its the weekend, go out and tour homes.  If you like one that is a “regular” sale, do what needs to be done to get in the game.  “Haste makes waste”. Time is of the essence in this market. 

Good luck.

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