stumped and discouraged

Have you ever had those kind of days where you feel stumped and no where to go?  Upstream seems to hard and you want to forget about the longterm goal?

  Well, you are not alone.  I have a client who wanted to quit.  He wanted to stop all his frustrations of being “The Man” and pack up and leave to another state.  His job was giving him the bonuses as usual, and he was feeling the stress of not being able to provide the way he has done for previous years so he asked me to hook him up with an agent in Colorado.  As I was going through the motions, I asked him if he even discussed this with his wife?  He replied that she will have to go or leave.  He simply could not take the stress of his work and felt his health was at stake. he did not thoroughly go over the challenges he was facing because he felt she couldn’t handle it.

Well, to our surprise, when it came time to discussing the nitty gritty of leaving, his wife understood that a big change was needed to stay here in their house and continue living here in California.  then a family members decided that they did not want to see them leave.  Parents and other family members volunteered to help them out with some of their financially difficulties they were in. Now it seems that there is a rainbow at the end of their tunnel.

What Id like to express here is that, if something means that much to you and you feel as if you are hitting a brick wall, make sure you venture all your possibilities before you become totally discouraged.  Just like if you thinking you cannot afford a house but may have family members who can co-borrow or lend/gift you some of the down payment, ask!  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.   Just liik into things thoroughly.  You ever know when you may find the extra help.  Keep the faith!

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  1. Isi

    Hi Jana… enjoyed this article… a good one… Always enjoy stories about the clients. Thanks, Isi

  2. Jana Lee

    Please keep reading…if you have any suggestionsor concerns you’d like to read about, let me know. Jana

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