Are we working together or not?

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Im baffled by this and am hoping that any reader may have some insight for me. 

I have been working with a client for about 6 months.  She has been renting and has asked me several times to find a place in a specific area, within a certain price, etc.  Parameters have been given and taken into consideration.  The kicker for me is, I have provided her about 5 homes in her criteria and she is unwilling to compromise at all.  Its either on too big of a hill, too small, too big, bad vibes, too busy,or just not right. 

Question… since when do we find the perfect house?  I am beginning to think that she is just not a ready client and/or she is just not ready to really buy a house.  Am I rght?

As an agent, I like to think I’m very patient and often over pleasing.  But I don’t want the client to think that I’m not hearing her correctly and just wanting to waste time.  I have asked several times for her feedback and to my disappointment, am still in first gear. 

Oh well, just needed to vent  my frustrations and perhaps look forward to another point of view before I put her on the back burner.  Though it doesn’t take much effort to locate the houses, it does pose brain stress in trying to please her.

If you have an agent you enjoy working with, please communicate clearly and provide the courtesy of being somewhat compliant in all possible ways.  Afterall, as a realtor, that’s what I like to pride myself in doing as well.

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  1. Jana Lee

    Saw your site and your site is outstanding. I can’t even touch your expertise on blogging. Im still a beginner at this. At least, Im doing it right?
    Thanks for the input and leeok forward to meeting you in person some day.

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