Baby Steps

first baby steps - _MG_1014
Image by sean dreilinger via Flickr

Wow… remember when you start planning to do something very exciting and it becomes a “Have to do”?  I was just guilty of not learning the baby steps before walking.

I am planning a brief vacation to the Caribbeans.  I was talking with my husband about taking extra excursions to see what there is to see in certain parts there.  Then, of course, he, being the “thinker”,  said  to wait a little and look at the internet for other peoples experiences and then decide on what excursions to participate in.  He was right.  Thank goodness we looked.  We found tidbits of information that was very helpful to point us in the directions of where the excursions of choice will be.

This is the same thing I advise my clients.  Learn the baby steps (pre-qualify, pre- approve,  know what is important in what you are seeking, know the present market, etc…).  Most clients think they know best how to get the piece of real estate without really being aware of what they need to do to be able to compete and widen their chances of obtaining their dreams.

My utmost advise…be realistic. Be prepared so that your if your dream house is stumbled upon in your search, you  will be well prepared and ready to “Walk the Walk”.