Iphone or Droid?

Can’t decide which phone to get?  I just had a friend that had his Iphone 3GS and had gotten it stolen.  So, he decided to try out the Droid through Verizon.  Aside from the pleasant sales person, he was highly disappointed in the Droid and its applications.  For Iphone users, he said that the Droid is not user friendly as the Iphone.  With the Iphone, you could view/close an incomin text in one step.  With the Droid, he said it took about 3 steps to even open the text.  Long story short, the Droid may have alot better graphics, streaming, camera and video viewing.  Droid had great GPS applications for real estate too. But if your looking for easy maneuvering to tasking, the Iphone is the winner! 

I have had the opportunity to try it out briefly and I thought the screen icons were smaller.  I also thought the Iphone was friendlier too.  Perhaps, its just we are accustomed to as well so test drive it out for yourself and Good Luck!

Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts and ideas are on the choices of phones you  have.

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