Obey the rules!!

Stop lights
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Running the red light is a very painful and expensive experience.  I know because I have just received that picture of myself running the red light along with the traffic citation.  So not only do I now have to deal with the anxiety of getting the actual ticket in 3-4 weeks, arrange for traffic court and/or arrange for traffic school, go in front of the judge if I should desire to try to knock down the fine, but I am stuck with the heavy penalty of paying it off along with the traffic school fee to keep the “ding” off my driving record.

This is very similar to what some clients go through because they feel they know more than their agent.  As a realtor, I have the experience that should be trusted by the client as to what the procedures are for different types of real estate sales.  I advise my clients as best I can in order to get that investment property he/she wants.I give them advice on what is needed to be done,  do things  in the order necessary to expedite the experience. I also prepare them for what may or may not happen.  In doing so, as the agent and client, we need to work together and obey the rules set down by the real estate market, lenders, and other buyers and sellers.

Trust your agent and take their advice if you really want to succeed in this market.

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