Times are changing

How the times have changed
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Times are definately changing.  Clients are asked so many things in their buying process that I even feel the hardship.  It’s crazy out there.  Just to make an offer seems like so many hurdles to jump through.  But you know what?  Everyone is going through them and that is why I always suggest that the clients listen to their agent and trust that the agent has their best interest in mind.  Not only do clients and agents have to take the trust walk together, plow through the baby steps and etc…  Now the relationship is tested further when time after time their offers are rejected or cancelled. 

What Im trying to say is that its a tough real estate world already without the mutual trusts between client and agent being questioned.    It’s doubly tough when you finally get into a possible contract with the “other side” and clients need to put all their faith in the relationship with their agents. 

Suggestion…Clients, get all your questions about the buying/selling,  loan processes out of the way before you really step into the real estate world.  This will eliminate any if not most of your insecurities and will also strengthen your bond with your real estate agent.

We need each other.  Times have changed.

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