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     Yes, the housing
market is HOT.  Summertime has been
traditionally the hottest time of the year to really burst in sales.  It is when families want to make the move
into a neighborhood where the school of their choice is located. It is also
when people decide to pick up and leave to another area to start anew.


     The interest
rates are still at its all time low.  The
inventory of houses are plentiful.  The
only major hurdle still seems to be the lack of  qualified buyers.  Buyers are having a hard time qualifying for
a loan.  However, after getting
pre-approved, the lender requirements are so difficult and lengthy that it
appears hopeless.  That is how my last
clients were starting to feel.  Some of
the conditions required by the lender referenced where and why certain deposits
were made.  How do we remember every
single deposit???  We are just happy to
have a deposit.  Lenders like to see “seasoned”
funds.  They want to see the paper trail
of where it came from.  Though it seems “crazy”
to keep track of simple things like this, it is imperative and recommended to
do so.  Don’t get discouraged or turned
off.  Provide what is needed and


     My suggestion is
to document EVERYTHING, or realistically, as much as you can.  It can only be helpful to your home purchase
and hopefully make the process less stressful.


     Let the summer be
a profitable and positive experience for you. 
The house of your desires it out here. 
You just have to go through the proper steps to obtain this goal.

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