Starting over…again


It has been too long since I’ve blogged.  Perhaps I did not have anything interesting that I thought was worth mentioning?? I didn’t have time?? Or   that I was just too lazy?? Whatever the reason, I’m here now.

I had a client that was too afraid or embarressed to ask certain questions and decided to try to find out and understand her concerns on her own.  After carefully trying to skirt around the situation and digging through her concerns and actions, all she was racking her brains out with was how the whole home buying process is supposed to take place. 

I had gone through this with her and her husband already, step by step of what to do and expect.  However, either my verbage got lost in their understanding or else outside people were corrutping their brains to no end.

Damage control was instituted and the fire is now out.  They are now in a comfy place to continue on. They finally admitted that they just needed to trust me and trust that I have their best interest at hand.  We are now loan ready, home searching , and ready to make offers.

Advise…find that agent you can trust.  Ask all your questions as soon as they are a concern to you and let your agent do his/her job in helping you.

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