iphone and yahoo ??????

Is anyone else having issues with their yahoo email accounts on your Iphone?  Well, this is the 3rd time I have had problems with that. There is no answer or quick fix.  I have just experienced the loss of any messages sent and received on my business email.  That particular email was “frozen” for 2 days.  Yet I was able to access the email account on a computer.  But the perks of having a smart phone in the first place is the ability to work on the go!!!!! So whats up with that???  I found that after calling Apple, After calling ATT, and friends… we cannot do anything about it but sit and wait and use the computer. I have powered off. Hard booted the phone.   Gone to the genius bar. Deleted and re-installed the email account. All the above mentioned and followed up by rebooting and powering off.  Nothing works.

The only fix was to WAIT!!!!  It eventually does come back on.  Just be aware of the time that your emails are updated and then you will know if mail is up to date and time.

If anyone else has experienced this and has an answer that I am not aware of…please let me know.

Other than that… the Iphone is great.

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iphone5 video foto anteprima prova unboxing esclusiva test confronto – 19 (Photo credit: Michele Ficara Manganelli