Buyers beware…

Have you been “beaten” out of an offer several times?  Feel like giving up?  DON’T give up.  In this crazy market, you cannot afford to give up and not participate in a “bid war”.

I have had first hand experience with bid wars many times. Buyers have offered and been rejected several times and don’t want to play the game anymore.  Well, you know what?  BIG MISTAKE.  I convinced my buyers to be persistent and not be intimidated  from presenting an offer for a property that clearly had hundreds of viewing, and many disclosure packets sent out.  This had the makings of a bid war.  Guess what?  There were no offers and my offer got accepted because I did not give up nor was intimidated by the popularity and demand for the property.

Of course, do not go in with a “low ball”  if the property clearly is deserving of your offer.  Make sure you have the comps on the property and make your offer acceptable.

Remember…There is no bid war if there are no bids!!!

Property market
Property market (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)


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