Buy Now??? Yes!!!

Buying real estate is very favorable for many home seekers now.

Interest rates are low, employment appears to be on an upswing, home prices have not yet peaked and rents are out of the roof.

It pains me to hear how people are renting for super high prices when they can be paying into a mortgage.  My hopes is that young Americans will tighten up their spending habits, and really look into their possibilities of home ownership.

There are more loan options out there that are tailored towards first time buyers and people in other situations.

Get off the fence and become a homeowner and/or investor.

Buyers beware…

Have you been “beaten” out of an offer several times?  Feel like giving up?  DON’T give up.  In this crazy market, you cannot afford to give up and not participate in a “bid war”.

I have had first hand experience with bid wars many times. Buyers have offered and been rejected several times and don’t want to play the game anymore.  Well, you know what?  BIG MISTAKE.  I convinced my buyers to be persistent and not be intimidated  from presenting an offer for a property that clearly had hundreds of viewing, and many disclosure packets sent out.  This had the makings of a bid war.  Guess what?  There were no offers and my offer got accepted because I did not give up nor was intimidated by the popularity and demand for the property.

Of course, do not go in with a “low ball”  if the property clearly is deserving of your offer.  Make sure you have the comps on the property and make your offer acceptable.

Remember…There is no bid war if there are no bids!!!

Property market
Property market (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)


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iphone and yahoo ??????

Is anyone else having issues with their yahoo email accounts on your Iphone?  Well, this is the 3rd time I have had problems with that. There is no answer or quick fix.  I have just experienced the loss of any messages sent and received on my business email.  That particular email was “frozen” for 2 days.  Yet I was able to access the email account on a computer.  But the perks of having a smart phone in the first place is the ability to work on the go!!!!! So whats up with that???  I found that after calling Apple, After calling ATT, and friends… we cannot do anything about it but sit and wait and use the computer. I have powered off. Hard booted the phone.   Gone to the genius bar. Deleted and re-installed the email account. All the above mentioned and followed up by rebooting and powering off.  Nothing works.

The only fix was to WAIT!!!!  It eventually does come back on.  Just be aware of the time that your emails are updated and then you will know if mail is up to date and time.

If anyone else has experienced this and has an answer that I am not aware of…please let me know.

Other than that… the Iphone is great.

iphone5 video foto anteprima prova unboxing es...
iphone5 video foto anteprima prova unboxing esclusiva test confronto – 19 (Photo credit: Michele Ficara Manganelli

OMG!!!! Stocks or Real estate???

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 18:  Traders on the New Yo...
NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 18: Traders on the New York Stock Exchange crowd around the General Motors (GM) trading post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as GM returns to the US stock market on November 18, 2010 in New York City. Following GM CEO Dan Akerson�s ringing of the opening bell, GM share were opening 7 percent higher than their offer price. The surge in GM shares resulted in US stocks rising more than 1 percent overall. After a $50bn government bailout of GM 16 months ago, the iconic American auto company is set to become the largest global IPO in US financial history. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

This is so embaressing but yet I feel the need to share my ignorance.

Were you one of us who bought into the hype of the Facebook stock??? Did people tell you not to but you did anyway???

I DID!!! Stupid Me!!!  I should have listened to the people that have had experience in this type of market and investment.  I did ask for advice but I was too impulsive and impatient,  did not wait for their experienced opinions.  Now I am sitting on stock that has lost money the same day my order was “filled”.

Don’t let this happen to you.  Trust your agent.  Trust their advice.  Do not be impulsive and think you know better.  You need to really be on the same page of the agent and trust in their capable hands.  If they are telling you to get pre-approved before searching for houses?  Get pre-approved.  Trust their suggestions.  They are there to represent and help you.  Ask for the agents’ past referrals if you need more confidence in your agent.

The right agents makes the difference.



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Interest rate vs money balance
Image by RambergMediaImages via Flickr

What next???  The interest rates are going to go up starting in March.  What else is going to happen to our real estate market?  The buyers? The sellers? 

We can never really predict what the market will do to our buying power.  We can only plan the best we can and jump through the hurdles put in front of us. 

I cannot express how important it is to line up all your “ducks” and ready them for when that right house comes, you are then in position to GO FOR IT.

With all the new legislations, rules and guidelines, buyers have to be better prepared before entering into this major purchase.  Buyers don’t have the time and money to waste.  TIME IS MONEY…in every meaning of the phrase.

Follow the ABC’s of buying and selling real estate and listen to your agent.

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Starting over…again


It has been too long since I’ve blogged.  Perhaps I did not have anything interesting that I thought was worth mentioning?? I didn’t have time?? Or   that I was just too lazy?? Whatever the reason, I’m here now.

I had a client that was too afraid or embarressed to ask certain questions and decided to try to find out and understand her concerns on her own.  After carefully trying to skirt around the situation and digging through her concerns and actions, all she was racking her brains out with was how the whole home buying process is supposed to take place. 

I had gone through this with her and her husband already, step by step of what to do and expect.  However, either my verbage got lost in their understanding or else outside people were corrutping their brains to no end.

Damage control was instituted and the fire is now out.  They are now in a comfy place to continue on. They finally admitted that they just needed to trust me and trust that I have their best interest at hand.  We are now loan ready, home searching , and ready to make offers.

Advise…find that agent you can trust.  Ask all your questions as soon as they are a concern to you and let your agent do his/her job in helping you.

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     Yes, the housing
market is HOT.  Summertime has been
traditionally the hottest time of the year to really burst in sales.  It is when families want to make the move
into a neighborhood where the school of their choice is located. It is also
when people decide to pick up and leave to another area to start anew.


     The interest
rates are still at its all time low.  The
inventory of houses are plentiful.  The
only major hurdle still seems to be the lack of  qualified buyers.  Buyers are having a hard time qualifying for
a loan.  However, after getting
pre-approved, the lender requirements are so difficult and lengthy that it
appears hopeless.  That is how my last
clients were starting to feel.  Some of
the conditions required by the lender referenced where and why certain deposits
were made.  How do we remember every
single deposit???  We are just happy to
have a deposit.  Lenders like to see “seasoned”
funds.  They want to see the paper trail
of where it came from.  Though it seems “crazy”
to keep track of simple things like this, it is imperative and recommended to
do so.  Don’t get discouraged or turned
off.  Provide what is needed and


     My suggestion is
to document EVERYTHING, or realistically, as much as you can.  It can only be helpful to your home purchase
and hopefully make the process less stressful.


     Let the summer be
a profitable and positive experience for you. 
The house of your desires it out here. 
You just have to go through the proper steps to obtain this goal.

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To Buy or Not to Buy…That is the question???

Here is an article that may be a spark to prospective home buyers…
Cheaper to buy than rent in 78% of major cities

Trulia: Dropping prices and rising rents boost affordability

By Inman News, Thursday, April 28, 2011.Inman News™

It is cheaper to buy a home than to rent one in 39 of the nation’s 50 largest cities, according to a quarterly report released today by real estate search and marketing site Trulia.

Trulia’s rent vs. buy index compared the median list price with the median rent on two-bedroom apartments, condominiums and townhomes listed on as of April 1, 2011, in the 50 most populous cities in the U.S. While 72 percent of the cities favored buying in the previous quarter’s report, 78 percent favored buying in this latest report.

“With home prices nearing a double dip and more foreclosures expected to flood the housing market over the next two years, the decision between renting and buying a home across most of the country has clearly moved in favor of buying,” said Ken Shuman, Trulia’s spokesperson, in a statement.

“As we head into the summer buying season, those looking to buy a home should be encouraged by improvements in the market and feel optimistic about their chances of finding an affordable home — much more so than in previous years.”

So you have it, another sign that the market is favorable or looking more favorable to the buying market.  Good luck and Go Do It !!!

IPad 2??? What next???

Do you ever feel like you’re always playing catch up with the electronic evolution? I do. Just when I think I have the best and latest gadget, I am behind again in the next couple of months.  That is extremely expensive and exhausting.  So I have learned through the years to listen to what previous buyers of the product of interest have to say.  Use their experience from the ownership of the product as a tool to help pick out the item that suits me best.

This is how some home buyers may feel and it can be avoided or at least less of a stressful process.  I can not express enough how important it is to listen to your real estate agent and follow their guidance.  Get pre-approved first and then start house hunting.  Don’t look and then contact your agent next because working backwards  99% of the time,  is what makes the real estate buying/selling process so frustrating. So in this scenario, use the experience of your agent and listen and follow their guidance to help expedite the process with little or no pain to you.

Happy Shopping and Go Do It.