A New Resolution??

New Year's Resolution - Day 1
Image by Cath in Dorset via Flickr

Happy New Year!!!  

Have you ever made a new year resolution?  I have and every year it gets more and more attainable.  Whether it be losing 5 more pounds, to finishing a project, or getting that investment, resolutions are made because those are goals we want to achieve.

So, for those of you who want to have a  real estate investments as a new years resolution, start tightening your boot straps, gather the paperwork and let’s go.  The interest rates are still at an all time low so, what’s the hesitation?  If fear of the unknown is the factor, then we need to discuss what is really your goal. 

Best wishes for a wonderful and very Happy and healthy New Year.

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Feeling beaten up?

My clients are feeling beaten up in this market and I can’t blame them.  I am feeling run down too.  It’s tough out there.  There are few available houses in Millbrae, Burlingame and the surrounding areas on our peninsula worth buying and those that are available are having “bid wars”.  But the silver lining hopefully is that soon, hopefully, there will be more inventory.  We all have to know the game and play it well.  Gone are the days of underbidding.  Buyers have to know that with short sales, the wait is long.  With regular sales, the sale goes fast.  Buyers have to know what they are up against and proceed accordingly.  Get pre-approved, decide on what you want, willing to settle for and  trust your agent.  Be prepared to jump when the agent says “jump”.  You don’t have to say  “how high”.  Just be ready to do what needs to be done to get the house – have your documentation ready, pre-approvals, inspectors picked out, monies lined up, etc.  Mostly, hang in there and keep going forward.  Don’t stop and perseverance will prevail.