It’s Opportunity

The market here in SF and the surrounding Penninsula areas are still going like hot cakes.  The real estate inventory is still here and ready for investors. Interest rates are slowly creeping up and I have been hearing that guidelines are going to get even more stricter in April.  Typically this time of year, real estate starts to ready itself for the booming summer months.  I can see this happening already.

Fortunately, we live in an area where housing is still blossoming.  So opportunity is knocking for those of you still wanting to invest in real estate.

Changes soon

Seems like a target goal for buyers “on the fence” would be April of this year.  The interest rates will rise to around 6%.  Loan requirements are going to be even more stricter also. 

Take advantage of how the market is now and get things ready for your  real estate investing.  Guidelines are becoming a nightmare for some buyers and it is going to get harder. 

Suggestion…if you are really motivated to finding a home, DO IT! and good luck.