A New Resolution??

New Year's Resolution - Day 1
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Happy New Year!!!  

Have you ever made a new year resolution?  I have and every year it gets more and more attainable.  Whether it be losing 5 more pounds, to finishing a project, or getting that investment, resolutions are made because those are goals we want to achieve.

So, for those of you who want to have a  real estate investments as a new years resolution, start tightening your boot straps, gather the paperwork and let’s go.  The interest rates are still at an all time low so, what’s the hesitation?  If fear of the unknown is the factor, then we need to discuss what is really your goal. 

Best wishes for a wonderful and very Happy and healthy New Year.

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…And a very Happy Healthy year too…

Ever make one of those New Year’s Resolutions?  I know I have.  Like myself, some of you have a hard time fulfilling that resolution.  It may be because of the complexity of the idea, perhaps the outrageous and unatainabiltyof it, or maybe just because we give up.  Whatever the reason is, try again.  I have a client who’s resolution is to really buckle down and whole heartily buy that piece of real estate he’s been attempting to do for the last 2 years.  We all know that there are signs of the economy coming back and the interest rates are starting to creep up.  So my advice to him and others is to make the resolution to stick to your 2010 financial plans and be a “doer”.  No more sitting on the fence.  Just do it. 

In a kindness, Have a great Year and look forward to brighter days.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, flickers!!

Its that time of year… to enjoy the wonderful gatherings with friends and families.  It is also the time of year where I reflect on this past year and contemplate on some of those amazing and not so amazing thing that have happened throughout the year.  What I was told once is to remember the positive things that I have been blessed with and the positive people who have touched my life in positive ways.  That little tidbit has always managed to take what may be so taken for granted and awakes me to realize how my life has been enriched.  I would like to wish that for all of you.  If you have been lucky enough to have been touched by positive events, things and people, cherish that and the people who have made that happen.  For those of you who have been able to own another piece of real estate or have bought your first one, you have been definately blessed.  This was a tough year and I wish for all of you that the incoming year will bring you many joys and wonderful surprises.