Iphone or Droid?

Can’t decide which phone to get?  I just had a friend that had his Iphone 3GS and had gotten it stolen.  So, he decided to try out the Droid through Verizon.  Aside from the pleasant sales person, he was highly disappointed in the Droid and its applications.  For Iphone users, he said that the Droid is not user friendly as the Iphone.  With the Iphone, you could view/close an incomin text in one step.  With the Droid, he said it took about 3 steps to even open the text.  Long story short, the Droid may have alot better graphics, streaming, camera and video viewing.  Droid had great GPS applications for real estate too. But if your looking for easy maneuvering to tasking, the Iphone is the winner! 

I have had the opportunity to try it out briefly and I thought the screen icons were smaller.  I also thought the Iphone was friendlier too.  Perhaps, its just we are accustomed to as well so test drive it out for yourself and Good Luck!

Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts and ideas are on the choices of phones you  have.


It s a go do it kind of day.  For whatever you have on the burner for the weekend…start now in preparation and go for it.  These grey days are so meloncholy and just makes people around me sluggish and tends to bring down my mood as well. 

I asked a client if they wanted to look at property today and the response was “I dont feel like it.”  Well, I responded back and reminded him of the fact that he  and his family were the ones that approached me first to hurry and buy something by this summer.  Also, reminded him of the fact that real estate sellers will not wait till they are good and ready.  So guess what?  We will meet this afternoon.

I believe the old saying…”Haste makes waste.”  So its a GO DO IT  kinda day.

stumped and discouraged

Have you ever had those kind of days where you feel stumped and no where to go?  Upstream seems to hard and you want to forget about the longterm goal?

  Well, you are not alone.  I have a client who wanted to quit.  He wanted to stop all his frustrations of being “The Man” and pack up and leave to another state.  His job was giving him the bonuses as usual, and he was feeling the stress of not being able to provide the way he has done for previous years so he asked me to hook him up with an agent in Colorado.  As I was going through the motions, I asked him if he even discussed this with his wife?  He replied that she will have to go or leave.  He simply could not take the stress of his work and felt his health was at stake. he did not thoroughly go over the challenges he was facing because he felt she couldn’t handle it.

Well, to our surprise, when it came time to discussing the nitty gritty of leaving, his wife understood that a big change was needed to stay here in their house and continue living here in California.  then a family members decided that they did not want to see them leave.  Parents and other family members volunteered to help them out with some of their financially difficulties they were in. Now it seems that there is a rainbow at the end of their tunnel.

What Id like to express here is that, if something means that much to you and you feel as if you are hitting a brick wall, make sure you venture all your possibilities before you become totally discouraged.  Just like if you thinking you cannot afford a house but may have family members who can co-borrow or lend/gift you some of the down payment, ask!  If you don’t ask, you don’t get.   Just liik into things thoroughly.  You ever know when you may find the extra help.  Keep the faith!

Stormy times

The Storm is Coming
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Brace yourselves.  Its going to storm!!!  Weather reports have been reminding us about this weeks stormy weather. Mother nature will prevail, and we can’t hide or fight with mother nature.  So we  better get our rain gear ready and drive extra careful.  The storm will hit this week.

As for another storm, the real estate market is changing and we better brace ourselves and get prepared if we want to survive and succeed.  The loan process is changing and becoming very strict.  Gone are the days of easy qualifying.  Buyers/owners will have to “jump through hoops” to buy a house or to refinance.  So be ready and get prepared so you don’t “blow” away your opportunities in the realm of real estate.



What is it that clients want from their realtors?  To be the chauffer?  Confidant?  Concerned agent?  Tell me!!!  I still am amazed at the different answers I have heard for this question.  I am hoping that my clients just want a loyal agent that will look after their best interest.  That is my drive in gaining their trust and loyalty.

If you have other answers, I’d appreciate and would love to share.  In the meantime, I will remain the loyal agent to my clients where they can feel comfortable in asking anything regarding real estate.  I will do my best to look out for their best interest in any transaction.    If I am off based, let me know so I wo’t waste any more time.

Getting shut down?

Dazed and Confused (film)

There are a few clients that have that negative outlook on buying into real estate.  I don’t blame them but to get into this market, you should not shut yourself down before the gate even opens. 

There is the desire to own your own piece of real estate so use the positive energy and forge forward.  There will be bumps and holes in the ground along the way, but so does everything else in your life have.

Its Monday

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Yes Its Monday!!! We all love our weekends and yet struggle to get to the office on Monday.  Try this…Smile and put on the happy face for a change and force that positive attitude.  It works.  I can actually start5 the week off on the right foot to get things going on the right path.  Sure things will want to go off the road, but with perseverance and a p9ositive attitude, you will endure and things will eventually fall into place. 

For my clients who think real estate investments are not the right time, hold onto your hat.  Interest rates are still low, inventory is still there.  Get off the fence and make the move… Perseverance will prevail. 


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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, flickers!!

Its that time of year… to enjoy the wonderful gatherings with friends and families.  It is also the time of year where I reflect on this past year and contemplate on some of those amazing and not so amazing thing that have happened throughout the year.  What I was told once is to remember the positive things that I have been blessed with and the positive people who have touched my life in positive ways.  That little tidbit has always managed to take what may be so taken for granted and awakes me to realize how my life has been enriched.  I would like to wish that for all of you.  If you have been lucky enough to have been touched by positive events, things and people, cherish that and the people who have made that happen.  For those of you who have been able to own another piece of real estate or have bought your first one, you have been definately blessed.  This was a tough year and I wish for all of you that the incoming year will bring you many joys and wonderful surprises.

Its a wonderful life!!!

Briggs' illustration of the snowman.

Yes it is.  No matter how bad life seems, our money matters, stressed out we feel, over indulged…there are always good things to ponder over and be thankful for. 

Sure, you may feel that your interet rates are too high,  your income is getting less, the bonus check is not coming in this year.  However, instead of dwelling on the negative, find the positive in this whole situation called “LIFE” and make the best of it.  Afterall, we are given an opportunity to live this life, so we might as well find and achieve the best of it.  Don’t give up. 

For you folks that are giving up on the hope of having your own piece of real estate someday, things may seem really grim right now for whatever reason you may have.  But 2010 is approaching and perhaps there is a silver lining there somewhere.  The interest rate may be lower then? The bonus checks may come again?  Your spouse may get a job or get that raise finally? 

Think positive and keep the faith.  The new leaf is about to turn and if you stay up on your game whatever it is, you will prevail. 

 I wish you a very wonderful and a very Merry Holiday season.

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Social Media = House Hunting?

My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter...
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Wow. I just attended a seminar about the world of social media.  There’s the infamous Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, My space, Etc…  I left there feeling so hyped up and ready to get onto my computer to activate and start my road onto this endless journey.  Only I realized that as I sat here, in front of my beloved computer, that I was key frightened and numb again as to what the heck I just tried to learn.  Well that is the same feelings some of my clients get when they start their journey to house hunting.  The best thing I got out of this seminar was to take it one step at a time and not to rush into something beyond my comprehension.  Like house hunting, take it one step at a time.  Don’t try to do everything at one time.  Make a plan, set your time goals, ask all the questions needed to get you to do what you had set out for.

Always remember..persistance pays off.