Does Millbrae and other areas in the peninsula feel the housing market getting better?

In this lovely area of Millbrae, as an agent and homeowner, I dont feel that our areas have really taken that much of a hit in this down market.  Most prices have been pretty stable.  We will be seeing slight increases again and the appreciation in the Millbrae real estate will probably resume If you are waiting to move into Millbrae and want to enjoy the appreciation of Millbraes real estate ownership, start looking now and get moving before you become outpriced again.

Wait and see?

If you are qualified, pre-approved for a loan, and have all “your ducks lined”up, now is still the time to buy.  The interest rate is great and the homes are at an all time low.  In some areas, the purchase prices are picking up and will cause you to be more frustrated.  Right now, you should get out ther and look at what you want to buy and start getting on your way to owning and/or investing in real estate.